3 Easy Curly Hair Styles

You've overslept... and have 30 minutes to get ready.

Here are my go to, easy hairstyles that you can accomplish in under 10 minutes. To be honest ladies, my curls are a day old and I just touched them up before continuing.

Hairstyle One

I just touched up a few curls to make my hair look freshly curled and then took my two front sections and tied them off with tiny elastics. It's super easy and looks like you tried hard to accomplish the look.


Hairstyle Two

Loose curls + braids = an easy hairstyle.

Freshen up your curls, grab a section on each side and braid! You can make your braids big or small, just depends on the look you're going for. In the back I crossed the braids, pinned them down, add hairspray and you're done!


Hairstyle Three

Super quick half up, messy braid. 

I sectioned off the top half of my hair and then put the bottom half in a clip so it wouldn’t get in my way, and then started braiding! After I got it braided I just used an elastic to keep it in place and then touched up my curls on the half down! Super easy and quick !


Super easy, quick and stylish hairstyles for the season! I hope you enjoyed the read! Subscribe to updated every time I post. xoxo

- C


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