Boho Queen Jewelry {Review}

Channel your inner Boho chic with this vintage gem style ring set. What I love about jewelry, is there's multiple ways to wear and style your sets! Today, I give you my honest review about Boho Queen Jewelry: 


I absolutely adore this ring set!! As you can see I've styled them different ways, it's so fun to wear them different ways and adding my own touch to them!! I'd definitely get this ring set for someone as a gift.  


This necklace is amazing!! It's so light and I love that it's silver. You can literally pair this with any clothing piece, any color top, or any style. It looks super heavy but you can barely tell, which is always a plus!

These pieces are my favorite and I definitely recommend them! Use the code: Catherine , to receive 20% OFF your purchase!! I will leave the link down below! xoxo

- C

Catherine HarrisComment