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Travel Bucket List {2018}

Travel Bucket List {2018}

3 months into our relationship Nicholas took me on our first trip together to Disneyland, and we had the BEST time ever. On that trip we realized how much we love traveling together, and one of the things I love about Nicholas is he wants to travel as much as I do. So one of our goals as a couple is to live our lives like we only have one more year left on Earth. We've prepared a list of places that we would love to adventure in the future:

  1. Arizona (N)

  2. Seattle (C)

  3. Las Vegas (N)

  4. Washington, D.C. (C)

  5. Honolulu (N)

  6. Chicago (C)

  7. San Francisco (N)

  8. New York (C)

  9. St. Louis (N)

  10. San Diego (C)

  11. Florida (Both)

  12. Niagara Falls (Both)

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