Charleston Roundup

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
— Mark Twain

Well hello there babes! I hope you’re all having a wonderful night! I’m so excited to share my Charleston roundup with you today! I only got to spend a couple days there, so there’s still so much to see, but I’m moving there in 5 months!! We weren’t on a mission to see and do everything since it’s gonna be our home for about a year, there will be plenty of time! So, lets dive in!


Our first night together was honestly just a chill night! We got Olive Garden to-go, watched the new Jurassic World movie, and went to bed by 10. He couldn't stay the night with me Thursday since he still had school on Friday. So, he drove back to base and we went to bed. Like I said, a pretty chill night.

This cardigan from Forever21 is my favorite right now! It’s the perfect fall colors and style for the cooler weather!

Click the photo for details!

Click the photo for details!


I slept in until about 11, which if you know me is CRAZY! I never sleep in past 7 haha! We stayed at the Hyatt Place and they had continental breakfast (which I missed today because of my lazy ass), but our hotel had a mini Starbucks! I got my coffee and a muffin and did so much computer work. I finished 3 photo sessions and answered a lot of emails!! I sat outside for about an hour before the bees attacked me, so I went inside and then Nicholas got off! So the adventures began! Keep scrolling…

Click this photo for sweater!!

Click this photo for sweater!!


Nick found a dinner place right on the water and made a reservation! It was in a gorgeous area, where we could walk the pier, sit on a swing, and people watch until our reservation! I almost threw my phone in the ocean after tripping over my flip flop, my PopSocket saved the day. We went off to Dinner at Fleet Landing, and let me just say. AMAZING SEAFOOD! We cleared our plates and ate everything! After dinner we walked around for a little and found this adorable pineapple fountain! Totally random, but how friken cute!!

There’s really only so much you can do at night when you’re a 19 year old and can’t drink haha. If you can drink there are so many bars in downtown!! Since night life isn’t our thing we went back to the hotel and did some face masks. He’s the best fiancé ever hahaha! Have you seen the new Jumanji movie?! We watched it before bed and absolutely loved it! We were dying laughing the entire time!! Keep scrolling…



Nicholas woke my ass up at 7AM and practically threw me in the shower. Apparently adventuring has an alarm clock haha. We got to go over the Arthur Ravenel Bridge on our way to Patriots Point, a naval museum. We got to tour the USS Yorktown Aircraft Carrier, USS Laffey Destroyer and USS Clamagore Submarine. My favorite part?! When we saw DOLPHINS next to us on the submarine!! I was freaking out let me tell you.

I did not dress appropriately, and Charleston is still summer weather. My sweater had to go, so we went back to the hotel and changed because I was gonna have a heat stroke haha. After I changed we went to lunch at Mex 1, and got some Mexican food. Keep scrolling to read more….


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Captain KT

Captain KT


Rainbow Row

Rainbow Row is a series of colorful historic houses! Every blogger needs to visit haha, it was a dream! I’ve included all of my favorite houses below! I can’t wait to live close to these houses and show all my family when they come visit! Bloggers hit me up and I’ll show you the town in 5 months ok? Keep scrolling..


Did I change my top for this picture? I sure did! Do it for the gram babes hahaha! About 5 seconds after I changed it got super windy and cold! Perfect timing! This sweater is so cozy and perfect for lounging and adventuring when it’s chilly. See below for a discount code.


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Sadly, Sunday was the day all the fun came to an end. We didn’t have time to do any more adventuring because of my flight time, so we just sat around the airport and tried to soak up as much time together. This was one of the hardest goodbyes, but I only have 3 more goodbyes until we are married!!

This was the comfiest travel outfit! I love this tee from Poppy Apparel, they have the cutest clothes! I’m all for looking cute but when it comes to travel, I wanna be comfy, especially with a three and a half hour flight! See below for details!!


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Alright babes! I hope you all have a good night and Happy Mean Girls Day!! Leave a comment below of your favorite mean girls quote!!


- C