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Happy Tuesday! I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how Nicholas and I survived 1. Going through boot camp, 2. Being in a long distance relationship while engaged and 3. Entering military life, so I wanted to talk about these with you! All of these questions have super long answers, so I’m gonna break it up into a series! 

Grab your coffee mugs and a snack, let’s dive in! 

Surviving Boot Camp

When Nicholas lived in Colorado, we were about an hour apart. He lived in Parker, and I live in Brighton. So we didn’t see each other every day. Especially in the beginning of our relationship! We probably saw each other about 2-3 times a week, Sunday was our main day. We LOVED Sundays and I miss that so much. Honestly though I feel like that prepared us for being long distance. It wasn’t thousands of miles apart but we didn’t see each other every day. I’d definitely say that helped! 


Boot camp was really hard. We both had our own hard times, and really just had to trust each other. Nicholas had a shipmate who got a “Dear John” letter the 2nd week in boot camp. That made it really hard for him, how can you not think negatively. You’re in a place you don’t know, getting yelled at every day, away from your family and future fiancé, I’m so impressed with how he handled it. I wrote him a letter EVERY NIGHT for 2 months. I knew how hard this was for him, if it was hard for me, it was for him. I needed him to know I was here waiting for him. I kept my letters very positive, if you have a bad day, try not to write about it to him. He has so much going on and the thought of him not being able to help you will crush him and make him regret joining or make him want to give up. Keep it positive and happy, tell him how much you support him and how you’re proud of him for his commitment. Even if you don’t send a letter every day like I did, write down your feelings. It really helps, especially when you can’t talk to him. I think I got 4 phone calls, and he even got to call me on my birthday and tell me Happy Birthday. Yes I cried so hard. Going from talking to someone every day, to writing letters and memorizing his new area code so you can pick up his call is a new lifestyle.  


Before he left, I started my photography business. It was honestly an amazing idea, it kept me super busy on top of my full time job. So when he left I had no time to sit and home and cry. I still cried and was an emotional mess. Keep your self busy! If you don’t, you’ll just sit around and think about what he’s doing and how alone he is. It’s going to happen and you can’t stop it, but try and remember that it’s only a few more weeks. I had a countdown app on my phone, and I would check it every morning and just say to myself “just 23 more days”, and I always tried to stay positive. When I finally got to hug my sailor again, it was a huge relief. I was so happy that I got to hold his hand again, and hug him so tight. All of the tears and late nights didn’t even matter anymore. It was worth it and I’m so proud of him for everything he’s doing for us. 


If you’re going through a long distance relationship or a military relationship, feel free to reach out to me! I will help in anyway that I can, we are still learning and experiencing more adventures. We are super excited and nervous about this new chapter! Please send good thoughts our way! 

Sorry for the long post today guys! I have a lot to say about this experience and I want to help anyone else going through this too!

Wedding countdown: 20 weeks


~ C