Neutrogena Light Therapy Spot Treatment


Happy Thursday! I partnered with Neutrogena to share with you their new Light Therapy Treatment! This product is an on-the-go acne spot treatment that targets and treats breakouts fast. This treatment uses red and blue light to the breakout, without flaking or burning! The blue light works to kill the bacteria and the red light reduces inflammation!

I absolutely hate when I look in a mirror half way through my work day and I see a pimple! Why did you have to show up after I did my makeup?! I always keep my Light Therapy Treatment in my purse, just in case I need it later! Use the Light Therapy Spot Treatment device three times a day for just two minutes, and results can be seen in two days!

Head over to or to all national food and drug stores to purchase yours today! This is definitely a must in my skin care routine! Click HERE to shop!


~ C

Thanks to Neutrogena for sending me this product