Yellow Cardi + Life Chat | Blogmas Day 12

Click photo to shop

Click photo to shop

Yellow is definitely not a “winter color”, but I seriously am just obsessed with yellow! You’ll probably see me wearing more yellow & orange than reds. I try so hard to follow “trends” but honestly I just love my yellow. Throw a knit top underneath your yellow Cardi and boom. It’s a “winter” outfit. I’ve been talking a lot about Charlotte Russe (like this post if they should sponsor me 😉), but I seriously just love all of their clothes! I just talked about their shoes yesterday and I just. Ugh I love Charlotte Russe. This cardi is 40% off which makes it $16!! And I will forever shop there even when I’m old and saggy. 

Happy Wednesday and Blogmas Day 12! We are half way through the week, I’m a little too excited for Saturday. I’m sorry about posting these blogs so late at night! I’ve been working at the salon until about 7 each night so it’s been crazy! I get home and just stare at my ceiling decompressing! Holidays are crazy fam, being an adult is hard! #realtalk  


~ C