Christmas Cookies | Blogmas Day 14

Hey friends! Happy Friday and Blogmas Day 14! I just wanted to come and talk about how simple it is to give someone cookies for Christmas again! I know I’ve already discussed it but when it comes to this it really is the thought that counts. You took time out of your day to bake these cookies for your coworker. The girls I work with at the salon go crazy every time I bring in treats, I seriously think I was meant to be a baker, but I’m too lazy and buy pre-made dough. #guilty. But it truly is the thought that goes into gifts, and if you’re broke and busy like me, buy your pillsbury dough and take 12 minutes to bake them and you’re done. Holiday parties are coming up and this is another great way to just tell your host thank you. 


Check back in tomorrow for Blogmas Day 15! I hope you all have a great weekend!  


~ C