Picking Up My Wedding Dress | Blogmas Day 4


Happy Tuesday babes, also Blogmas Day 4! I just got home from picking up my wedding dress! It was a good appointment, all we did was try it on and make sure it fit and see what alterations needed to be done. I need a couple inches taken off the bottom but other than that it was perf! I’d rather not be tripping all night over my dress: no I will not be wearing heels. But seriously I’m so excited! I loved putting my dress on for the first time in my correct size! I got to facetime my bff who lives in Washington D.C. and my cutie cousin Nicole in Arizona to show them my dress! My Nikki cried and I just, ugh I love her so much and that was so special to me. Also, huge thank you to my mom and amazing friend Melissa for coming with me today, I love you both so much!! Sorry for the late blog tonight, I just wanted to share! I hope you have an amazing rest of your night! 

Wedding Countdown: 94 days!


~ C