28 Days of Happiness Challenge


Being happy every single day, is hard sometimes. We don't always see the good in things or find a way to keep going easily. Despite all of the negative things happening, you can choose to be happy. I won't say it's easy, but learning to let go of the things we can't control and just being mentally prepared to accept everything that comes our way is the first step. I've come up with 28 things that make me happy, some are at home and some you have to adventure out of the blanket cocoon for. Enjoy where you are right now in life, and take each day as an opportunity to see the positives or make others happy. I challenge you to make the month of February a great month.

Day 1: Go for a long walk

Day 2: Read/Start a new book

Day 3: Go to a paint and sip

Day 4: Do a yoga class

Day 5: Pay for the car behind you in the drive thru

Day 6: Treat yourself; manicure or pedicure

Day 7: Go on a weekend getaway

Day 8: Pet as many dogs or cats as possible

Day 9: Redecorate your home/bedroom

Day 10: Create a fabulous music playlist

Day 11: Go on a fancy date

Day 12: Clean out your closet

Day 13: Have a museum date

Day 14: Grab coffee with a friend

Day 15: Do some journaling

Day 16: Treat yourself; get your hair done

Day 17: Have a lazy day

Day 18: Create a Pinterest craft

Day 19: Spend more time with family

Day 20: Cook something new from scratch

Day 21: Treat yourself; get a facial

Day 22: Disconnect from social media

Day 23: Have a dinner date with some friends

Day 24: Go shopping

Day 25: Watch your all time favorite movie

Day 26: Go hiking (if weather allows you)

Day 27: Treat yourself; get a full face wax

Day 28: Have an early night and just enjoy being alone.

Catherine HarrisComment