How to Survive a Bad Day


Rough days just happen, even if you simply just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. When I have a bad day I am so bad at hiding my emotions and I just let the entire world know I'm in a bad mood. There have been days after a rough afternoon that I just lay in bed and think, "Huh, if I had just been positive and let it go, my whole day wouldn't have been ruined." 

So, I have put together my tips on How to Survive a Bad Day:

  • Cancel The Pity Party

You're allowed to be upset when things go wrong, but don't let it control your day. Allow yourself to be upset for an hour and then move on. Take a nap, go to the gym, cry, let it out, but don't let it go on for more than an hour.

  • Call or Text a Friend

Sometimes calling a friend can help you talk it out and get a second opinion. I've found that sometimes just writing or saying what I am upset about is such a First World Problem and is actually something silly to be upset about. Having a friend tell you their opinion or advice is always better than sitting alone and overthinking. 

  • Treat Yourself

You control your emotions, so go do something that will lift you up and improve your mood. Go grab a coffee; use your Starbucks rewards and get a free one. Buy that shirt that you've been wanting for a while now. Go get a manicure or pedicure. 

  • Fix the Problem if You Can

Figure out your problem and find the solution. If you got in a fight with someone figure out why the fight happened, what you could have done better and how you can fix it. So many relationships end because of the lack of communication. Don't be afraid to speak your mind and don't be afraid to admit you are wrong.

  • Learn From It

Take every opportunity in life as a lesson.

You have the power to control how you feel, and don't let a problem destroy your day. Use these tips to help you when you're having a bad day. I hope you enjoyed the read, leave a comment below if you have any ideas on what you want to read next! xoxo

- C