Fashion Friday


Happy Friday loves, I have been trying to kick this sinus infection for like a week now! I’m pretty grateful it’s not the nasty flu going around, but still not a fun time. Since I’ve been feeling low and groggy, I’ve been dressing pretty comfy this week. Working in the beauty industry means I still need to look cute, but casual. ❄️ 

This work week has been super busy, being able to control my own schedule is amazing & planning vacation is great. In a normal job, you have to put a request in and get approved, while I can just mark out my schedule and say “Peace out!” , but I have to be able to be flexible with my schedule and accommodate all of my clients. Which means staying past my regular work hours & coming in on my day off. So the next 3 weeks I will be super busy, but I am thankful for my clients being understanding and working with my schedule as well. 


You can probably tell from this picture I don’t like the cold 😂 and it is the reality of what my photos look like. I’ve shown you this top before in my One Item Challenge and it’s such a comfy top! I put on this black cardigan to add layers. We have such crazy weather in Colorado and I can’t wait for summer (I’m sure you’ve heard that from everyone you’ve talked to recently)! 


When it’s cold and you can’t make a cute face: just look away from the camera. #RealTalk 😂 Last night I took my best friend to the airport at like 10:45PM, so I got home roughly about 11:30PM, which is hella late for me. I had about 3 coffees today & I just had a 3 hour nap. Yes, I’m still tired. Thankful for coffee, concealer, and messy buns. 


Catherine Harris