What's In My Carry-On

Casually running around my house trying to get everything packed, but I'm taking 5 seconds to type this up. Monday's are my Sunday, so I use this day to get anything done like laundry, cleaning, doctors appointments, naps, etc. Today consisted of getting breakfast with my mom, getting my eyelash extensions filled, running errands with momma, napping and packing. Pretty productive, right?! 


Here we go.. I usually don't bring a lot with me on the plane because I am usually sleeping. Of course there are times that I need a little help getting to sleep, so I download books and movies. Recent books and movies are linked down below: 

I always keep my headphones and phone charger in my purse, you never know what will happen at the airport. Your plane could get delayed or need to block out the noises of loud people. 

Gum helps me on the plane, it's super weird I know, but mint just calms me down. I prefer Polar Ice and the EOS Lip Balm.  Those are my favorites in daily life and on my travel adventures. 

I keep a small makeup bag for medicine, tampons, lotion, sunglasses, etc. Try to plan for emergencies, like a head ache, or your period starting. Scenarios like that aren't fun but just be prepared. 

I always keep a small sweater with me just in case I get cold. 


Like I said I don't usually bring a lot with me in my carry-on, I bring the necessities and plan for small incidents. If you were bringing cameras, laptops or any other electronics, I would bring all of them plus chargers in my carry-on. I get too nervous putting those expensive items under the plane. I just like to play it safe, and keep all valuables with me. 

Of course you might have some of your own personal needs for traveling like a pillow or eye masks. I use Nick as my pillow for the most part, and so far my flights have been pretty short so I don't need much. Thanks for reading babes, I am taking a break from all forms of work on vacation. I just want to enjoy my time with Nick and relax, so I will be posting again once I'm back and in the groove of everything again.