Love Yourself

Learn to love yourself first, instead of loving the idea of other people loving you.

First things first, don't give a flying frick about what people think of you. I'm sure you've heard it millions of times but seriously, the people who are talking badly about you or making you feel bad, don't matter. Those aren't the people you want in your life anyways, so cut them off. Not everyone will like you and that's okay, who you are is beautiful, and they don't deserve you.  Don't you dare feel bad for realizing you deserve better energy in your life. After you cut the negativity out of your life, focus on yourself. I'm almost 19 years old and I'm still learning about what I like and dislike. Take time to figure out who you are as a person and what goals you want to have in life. Do you want to be a traveler? Do you want to be a doctor? How many dogs do you want? We don't have forever on this Earth, so we need to make the best of our time.

Having confidence is exquisite, and you deserve to shine bright. Not sure about that new shirt you got, wear it anyways. Afraid people will judge you in white pants? Who cares, as long as it makes you happy. Want to take some pictures of yourself in a busy area, do it and make people walk around you. Don't let anyone step into your light and smile bright! Sometimes having photo shoots is awkward and here's my experience with it... Literally yesterday I had a photo shoot with my girl Gayne, and we went to this very popular hiking trail. Yes, I was the only one in a white maxi dress and a full face of make-up. Did I care? Yes. I was very self conscious because everyone was looking. After about five minutes my amazing photographer made me feel comfortable, like it was natural. After that we had the BEST time, so many laughs and photos. We all need to be happier, less judgmental, and loving.

I believe in The Law of Attraction, like attracts like. So if you focus on the positives, you will bring positive thoughts into your life. I used to be a super negative person, nothing went right in life. Whenever I have a bad day, I never talk about it, I shut you out and I make everyone around me upset. Who wants that?! Being negative is NOT fun. Being positive has brought so many good things into my life. I see bad days as learning opportunities, and I try to always have a smile. Sure, that doesn't always work, you are allowed to have a bad day, you're human. Humans have a lot of emotions and sometimes it's hard to control them. You have the power to control how you feel, how you look, how you handle mean girls, and what your life will be. Some days will be harder than others and your insecurities won't go away immediately, but eventually you will feel better. You are beautiful and never let anyone make you feel awful. If girls are staring are you, don't think negatively, think about how they might be admiring your new shirt. Even if they are being rude and staring and giving nasty looks, don't let them have the power, be the bigger person and smile back at them. Give them a little hair flip and let them know you are a boss babe. 

I will fiercely love myself

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- C

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