San Diego Lookbook

All right ladies, I had the best vacation ever. Let's be real for a second... I will probably say that about every trip I take. Taking a vacation is an amazing way to reset and find inspiration again, this was so helpful to me. I feel like I'm ready to get back to life and adulting, I know it sounds totally weird right. Enough boring stuff, let's talk about my super fun trip and all my outfits!!


Our flight left at 7:52AM, so I was NOT about looking cute. Of course I still tried a little, just in case there were photo opportunities. So I wore this Hoodie from H&M, my go-to Bomber Jacket from Old Navy, and my Leggings from Ross.


Changed into this super Lightweight Sweater from Forever 21, and we spent the rest of the day exploring, relaxing and eating food.



Zoo Day is the BEST day! It's true what they say, this was an amazing zoo! It was so much fun and a lot of things to do! I wore this super comfy T-Shirt from Amazon and Leggings. 



We visited and toured five museums in one day, you can say we were pretty exhausted after! Wearing this Off the Shoulder Shirt from Target, Bomber Jacket, Jeans from Ross and Converse. Also, this is what your hair looks like after curling it, and then waiting in the rain for 20 minutes outside of your breakfast place. My favorite museum was the Veterans Museum at Balboa Park, we went on a day that had some meetings and we didn't want to interrupt. There was this nice volunteer who walked us around the meeting and decided to chill with us and talked all about the donated pieces. We learned so much from him because he knew the stories of those in war, those who donated their wedding dresses made out of her husbands parachute and those with crazy stories. I would have never learned any of those stories just reading the cards over the display. 



All I'm gonna say is Coronado is BEAUTIFUL, and has super good food. We took the ferry over to Coronado and walked about 6 miles to the beach. In that 6 mile walk we took a bunch of pictures, I got attacked by bees and we had no water. Let's just say it was all about the experience. My Top is from Ross, Bomber Jacket, and Leggings. Yes, this was my favorite jacket, but the amazing thing about the color and style, is it literally went with every outfit and kept me warm from that ocean breeze. 



We explored Point Loma and did so much walking! We did get stranded at The Cabrillo National Monument and had to walk over 6 miles up hill to the closest restaurant because our uber we tried to get, ditched us and wouldn't come pick us up because of the location. I have some choice words for him but I won't share those feelings today. Wearing my new Top from Ella Bean Co which is sadly sold out, but they have the BEST clothing! Use the code "CAYTIE10" for 10% off your purchase!



Our final day on vacation, which was the busiest day! We took a bus/boat tour and saw Sea Lions, and learned cool facts about the Navy. After, we went Whale Watching and yes on the boat I was freezing, but it was so worth it! We saw five whales, and took lots of pictures and videos! Wearing this Romper from Forever 21 this Jean Jacket from Ross and this Backpack from Target.


Vacation is amazing, but sleeping in your own bed is the best feeling. I’m almost back in the flow of my regular life and I can’t wait for the things coming up! I’m so blessed and have an amazing support system. Subscribe to be notified every time I post, and for updates! 


- C