Broke and Blogging

Shirt: Old Navy | Leggings: Target

Happy Saturday Friends! 

I was super busy at work today, and I'm so ready for a nap! By the way, I am super obsessed with stripes lately! They complete my life and make me happy.

Something I've realized lately is: I. Am. Broke! 

Okay, okay, maybe I'm being a bit dramatic, but let's be real. You almost never see bloggers wear the same outfits. Once they blog it, that's it. I really believed I needed to be like that, always buying new outfits. Honestly, that's hard and rough on the bank account. 

Instead of buying new clothes all the time, I'm learning to get really creative with everything I have. I love seeing how many outfits I can create with one statement piece!

So, my advice to new bloggers is: 

  • Don't think you have to be like everyone else. I tried so hard to be like my idols, but you just cant. You are your own person, own style and have your own creativity. Keep it real!

  • Make friends with everyone! If you want others to support you, you need to show the same love and support too. Who doesn't love a nice comment on their photo with nice words of encouragement? Be nice!

  • Let go. Don't pose yourself too much in your photos, be true! Make your photos real by, having a dance party, laughing, smiling big, using flowers, and having fun! Your viewers want to see the real side of you.

  • Always be on the look out for new opportunities. Take advantage of parties, networking, photoshoots, and small businesses. Always support your friends in this journey. 

  • Creativity is KEY. Instead of posing for the outfit post, do a flat lay. Go to new places and try new food and take a different type of photo. Keep it fun!! Create new content and do research on what's popular right now. Make sure you are writing about what people want to read, what's trending and what fits your theme! 

Always support others and take care of your wallet! You can be successful with what you already have and have amazing content with the right amount of creativity! 

Thanks for reading!


- C

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