Happy Tuesday ladies! I am so excited for this amazing opportunity to partner with WEYV

WEYV is an amazing app that allows you to read your daily magazine, while listening to your favorite jams! The difference between WEYV and other apps is it's ALL IN ONE. There no need for switching between apps trying to set everything up on your phone, when it is all in one spot! I have made so many playlists, they have all of the popular tunes! I always open this app when I'm drinking my morning cup of coffee and I read the latest magazine! Also, this is amazing for when I'm running at the gym because I can listen to my workout playlist AND read my favorite magazine right now: In Style April 2018! 

WEYV allows me to feel relaxed. I can learn and read about everything in just one app! I get all of the latest news and music at the tip of my fingers! Keep scrolling to get your CUSTOM CODE.



What is WEYV?!

WEYV is ad-free and subscription based! No ads to get in the way of your music, and your subscription is based on you! You get to pick your plan and budget how much you can spend.

You're donating to charity! 

WEYV makes a charitable donation, every time you listen to a song on their app! I absolutely love this about them. That really speaks to my heart because they are thinking of others and trying to make a difference. Donating to charity is an amazing way to show you care and support them.

No WIFI? No problem!

If you download your music and magazines in advance, you can listen and read OFFLINE! 

Multi-Task like a pro!

Multi-Task like a pro!

Reasons to get WEYV:

Online magazines just make me happy because I have them in my pocket. All the news, fitness, food, fashion, and more! 

You can share all of your music and articles online with friends and family! Just share them on your social media or WEYV notes.

This one is for all of you mamas out there, WEYV is FAMILY FRIENDLY. WEYV is COPPA compliant, so your kids have freedom while you have peace of mind!

Every subscription allows 25 people on your plan, so family and friends can listen and read too! 


Special thanks to WEYV for giving me this opportunity to partner with them! I love their app and everything I share is 100% TRUE! 

Use this code: MAKEWEYVS18, and get 2 months FREE with no credit card required for future payment!

Click HERE to sign up now!

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