2018 Summer Bucket List

Shirt: Charlotte Russe | Jeans: Charlotte Russe | Purse: Calvin Klein

Happy Friday! I can’t believe May is almost over! It feels like it just started, which is crazy. 

My absolute number one goal this summer is to be happy. I know that’s a very bland goal, but let me explain. I am a very happy person, but I always let little things get to me. Then my mood is completely ruined. I set expectations SUPER high and then get let down. So when I say I wanna be “happy” this summer, I mean I want my number one goal to be a calm, collected, happy lady! Nothing will get me down, and this summer will be a blast. So, here’s all of the things I will accomplish this summer: 



1. I will continue growing my nail education 

2.  I will work out 5 times a week

3. I will grow my blog

4. I will establish my photography business  

5. I will continue saving money 🤑 

6. I will learn to have fun alone  



1.  Use my zoo membership all the friken time, even if I go alone! 

2. Baseball games!!!!!  

3. Go swimming

4. Yoga On The Rocks

5. Pet so many dogs

6. Visit all of the museums  

7. Go painting  

8. Visit the grandparents  

9. Soccer games!  

10. Go to new hiking trails  

11. Try new food!  

12. Go to the Denver Botanic Gardens  

13. Seriously explore as much of Colorado as possible

14. Become social

15. Breakfast dates with my mom

16. Get a new tattoo

17. Travel outside of Colorado

I'm so excited to have a fun summer and a working summer. I plan to have fun, but keep working my lil booty off, because to do the fun things... we have to make the money. 

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment
— Jim Rohn

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, don't let this spring weather stop you from having a fun time and going on adventures! 



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