Interview With Chelsea Bartell

I had the pleasure of sitting down with my awesome friend Chelsea at Starbucks to chat about her new book coming out! Of course we had to catch up on life for an hour and get distracted 50 times. 

Here's a little background on Chelsea: she is a 19 year old who works a full time job as a First Impressions Ambassador for a Home Improvement company. She currently lives in Denver and wants to become a writer fulltime in the future. So, let's dive into the interview....



Why did you start poetry and how old were you? 

Chelsea: I started writing around the age of 13. At first when I started writing it was only for me, I did it mostly to get my feelings out and share my emotions. Once I started sharing my poems with others they would tell me, "Chelsea, this has to be shared with others", and that really touched my heart.

How are you publishing a book at 19?

Chelsea: I'm using my old English teachers to help edit and make sure everything is good to go and since I am 19, I will be self publishing instead of going through a big publishing company. 

How has poetry helped you? 

Chelsea: Everyone has their ways of dealing with emotions. Some go to the gym, or dance, or paint, I write all of my feelings. I use writing to tell my story in a different way. 

What is your long-term goal?

Chelsea: I have always had a soft spot for helping people. I want to be able to help others through my writing. When you're alone, I want you to grab my book and find an outlet. I want my book to help others heal and see that life isn't perfect, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

Do you write about sensitive topics? 

Chelsea: Yes, I really think that even in this beautiful world, we still have ugly topics. We still need to discuss and no one should hide their pain. No one should be afraid to talk about their feelings and how others actions make us feel. We need to be taught how to handle our emotions properly. I have a couple poems about how women are just seen as sexual objects to certain people, and it's a very ugly topic that needs to be viewed in new perspectives.

How do you manage a full time job and you poetry? 

Chelsea: I work Monday-Friday from 8-5, so it's really complicated balancing life. I really focus on my poetry on the weekends, learning to manage your time is really challenging. It's an adjustment for sure but I love the crazy. 

Does it help having a support system? 

Chelsea: Absolutely. Having a support system helps me feel balanced at times, when you just feel like you can't do it anymore, you need those people who are going to tell you positive thoughts. Don't fill your life with negativity, you need the positive people to help you grow! 

Why did you pick Un(wholesome) for the title of your book?

Chelsea: It represents how the unwholesome things creates the most wholesome things. So you can read it either way, it's balance of the bad and good in life. 

Chelsea's Instagram: @c.bartell.poetry

Chelsea's Facebook: Chelsea Bartell

Chelsea is a beautiful human inside and out, make sure to follow her on Instagram to be updated on her book and when it’s released! Happy Sunday friends! 💕