My New Favorite Accessory | A Unique Wooden Watch By JORD

Okay friends, I am so excited to share my collaboration with JORD watches! JORD is an amazing watch company that creates unique, minimalist designs. Their watches come in many different styles and wood options. One of the reasons JORD stood out to me was the gorgeous wood designs! How can you not be in love with this gorgeous, neutral color!? This watch is perfect for any summer outfit! Keep scrolling for more and a giveaway at the end of the blog...


Another reason I love JORD, is because of their engraving service! It is perfect for customizing a gift! Hey mom, don't read this part.. My mom loves watches and my parents wedding anniversary is coming up, so what a perfect gift it would be to get her a watch with their wedding date engraved on it! JORD's engraving service is the best way to personalize a gift! 

JORD has both men and women's watches! Their watches are so unique that you can gift one to any member in your family! I mean seriously who doesn't want a trendy, unique wooden watch?!

My exact watch: click HERE !

Men's watches: click HERE !

Ladies watches: click HERE ! 

Watch engraving: click HERE !


I have paired my JORD watch with this fabulous floral top from Target. I wear it all the time and this watch is perfect for the summer time. It's an amazing accessory to have in my collection! Here is the exact watch that I have, click HERE! I am always getting compliments on my watch and everyone loves how unique it is! People will stop me in the grocery store or when I'm doing my clients at work they will always comment on how gorgeous my watch is! My mom even tries to steal it sometimes haha! 


JORD is giving away a $100 gift code to be used on one of their amazing watches! Want to win?! Simply click HERE to fill out the form and enter! 

Everyone who enters will also receive a 10% OFF code via email! So everyone wins! 

The giveaway was extended and will end on 7/15/18

I hope you all have a fabulous day! 


- C