The Perfect Summer Kimono

Happy Monday friends, today I wanted to share this fabulous kimono from target that is currently on clearance for $12! It is so light weight and perfect for the summer! I have styled it 3 ways for you today!! I’m Also, I have loved layering my necklaces recently! I love the look of layering different lengths. 

This kimono is very neutral and can be styled multiple ways! I've paired it with this super cute front button shirt from A Simplee Gorgeous Boutique! I couldn't find the exact color but here's a look-a-like! Click here! I am always on the hunt for comfy sandals, and I tried these from Target and lets just say that they are my favorite! The color is perfect to wear with everything and they are so comfy! Oh did I mention that these sandals are only $12?! You're welcome! 


This is a super casual outfit; perfect for running errands or just relaxing! I’ve styled it with these cute overalls and tank from target! I’ve had this black choker for a couple months now and I pair it with everything! I seriously am living in my overalls! Thank you for this trend! I will always love them. 


These overalls are on sale for $15! Click HERE


Here’s a more dressy look. I love this olive green dress from Target! Of course it’s from target, where else do I shop? Haha. I also love these shoes from Target too... I have an addiction haha! They are the perfect color and style to put with any outfit! 

Click HERE for this $20 dress ! 

Click HERE for these adorable shoes under $35! 


I hope you all have a fabulous week and I can't believe it's already July! P.S. my birthday is July 25th so I am freaking out! I'm so excited because I get to see Nicholas for his Navy basic graduation for my birthday weekend! What an amazing gift and I will be crying the whole time. 


- C