The Proposal

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Finally after 8 weeks, I get to get on a plane to travel to see my love. 8 weeks of letters and hard times. We won't lie to you, it was really tough. The distance and no communication was definitely an adjustment, but we really believe our relationship is stronger. Our love reached over 1,000 miles away. I was so ready to hug him and just be in his arms again. I couldn't stop smiling! We went to a meet and greet for the graduate’s families. It was a super cool experience, but we left a little early to get some sleep since we had to be up by 2:30 to catch our flight. This entire week we were up by at least 2 almost every morning. It was worth it. So, we got to the hotel and watched a little bit of The Food Network and then passed out. My man knows me and knows that I love him so much but I love my sleep too. I needed my beauty rest. 


Friday, July 28, 2018


Today was finally the day, I got to see my sailor. The hall doors opened at 6:30, so naturally I was up by 3 doing my hair. I had no idea how my hair would react to humidity, so I needed to be prepared. I have my lash extensions which really makes it easier to do my make-up. My mom and I are of course having a dance party in the bathroom because we are both so excited. My mom loves Nicholas so much, it makes my heart so happy! So we leave our hotel at 6 AM, and the line to get into graduation was sooo long! The doors opened at 6:30 and we were finally parked by roughly 7:45! My future father-in-law and I kept trying to fight the people trying to cut the line and get in front of us. 95% sure my future mother-in-law was about to have a stroke because of us haha! So we park and go through another security check (these people mean business), and finally get to the hall. We found his division number and the stands were FULL! Luckily, Fred saw some seats open and we went running for them haha! The doors closed at 8:45, the ceremony started at 9, the graduates showed up at 9:20 and I saw him right away. I started crying and jumping because I was so happy to see my love. As the ceremony was coming to an end my in-laws started sliding off the end of the bleachers, and they called Liberty and I took off. They joke and say it was like I was parting the Red Sea! Haha! I was pushing people and shoving little kids.. I have no shame. I was ready to see Nicholas. I get down to the floor and just start screaming "KOESTLER"! I heard someone else say his last name and then we saw each other. He picked me up and we started crying. It was amazing to just be in his arms again. I was so happy! After we all were reunited and took our pictures, we headed out. We knew traffic would be crazy so we wanted to limit it as much as possible! We got back to the hotel and just relaxed. He shared his stories and we talked about what he's missed! After a couple of hours we went to the mall where our reservations for dinner were. Walked around and kept talking until it was time to eat. Let me tell you, all of us were starving! We ate everything and anything they put on the table: bread, salad, our entrees, and dessert. We were stuffed! So we decided to go back to the hotel. Little did I know Nicholas had the ring the entire time. He was sitting on the box all throughout dinner. 


The Proposal

We are walking outside to go to the car and I was in front trying to lead the way and find the dang car when Nicholas said "hey baby, turn around for a second", and I turned around thinking he wanted a hug when he started getting on one knee. Instantly, I started bawling and just kept saying "no". He grabbed the ring and said to me, "Baby, I have promised to protect and serve my country. I promise to protect you and our family for the rest of our lives. Will you marry me?", I was ugly crying saying "YES YES YES", and he put my gorgeous ring on my finger. We cried and hugged each other so tight. Our parents took lots of pictures and videos. I just kept crying and holding him so tight. After I finished crying and cleaned my face up we took a couple more pictures and then I facetimed my dad. He was so happy for us and he loves Nicholas so much. I then called my sister Courtney and all of our grandmas! We wanted them to hear it from us first. Then we could post on our social media! The amount of love on all of our posts was incredible. Everyone was so happy for us and made us feel so loved. I couldn't stop smiling and I am still in shock. He is my absolute best friend. This man was communicating through letters to my parents about it and his parents. He is so romantic and I can't believe it still. We knew from day one that we wanted to be together. Military life will be a challenge for sure, but we are ready. I am so ready to be his wifey and be with him forever. 


Wednesday, August 1, 2018

One Year Anniversary

Happy One Year babe,

I can't believe it's been a year! In one year we have gone on 3 vacations, celebrated birthdays, gone on so many Colorado adventures I can't even count, survived boot camp, and got engaged. What a year its been with you babe and I can't wait to see where life takes us. I love you so so much and can't wait to see you again. We can take on any challenge life gives us. I'm so blessed and grateful to be going through life with you. I love you. 


Future Mrs. Koestler