10 Ways To Spark Those Creative Juices

Happy Thursday, I hope you all had a great day today!! Lately, I have really been getting back into blogging and that makes me so happy! I went through a small rut and bounced back with even more creativity in my brain!! Today I am gonna share with you my recent secrets to getting the vibe back!   

Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes


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1. Read

I went to Barnes and Nobel and picked up some new magazines! I got some wedding related and some fashion. I love magazines, I don't know about you but they have the trendiest topics and lots of relatable thoughts! 

2. Create A New Pinterest Board

I'm obsessed with Pinterest and I love creating new boards for all of my moods! Sometimes seeing others ideas and posts, sparks a new idea in your head! Click here for my Pinterest! 

3. Organize Your Closet

Simply just organizing your closet and seeing all of those fresh outfit ideas can really help you look for more outfits to create. One of my favorite things is creating new looks with last years top! Even just a clean closet will make your brain feel refreshed, it really helps me! 

4. Go Adventuring

Ever since I started blogging and photography I love going with my friends and finding new places to do sessions! You never know what you will run into when you turn the corner! Sometimes we just have to look at things differently to see something new. 

5. Socialize 

Find a good group of positive friends and stick with them. Talk to them and tell what you're going through, a different perspective might help you either talk out your own problem or they can give you ideas and inspiration! My lovely friend Stephanie always helps me with I'm in a funk! Check out her Instagram here

6. Search Hashtags On Instagram

I do this whenever I need outfit inspiration most of the time! I will look up say the hashtag 'fallfashion' and you can already guess everyone has linked their fall fashion to this tag! This helps me see how I can look and my closet and create a similar look. This can be with anything; photography, makeup, hair, home décor, organizing, nail designs and more! 

7. Stop Trying To Be Someone Else's Perfect

I know I just said to look up other peoples ideas and fashion, but here's the thing, don't try and copy it exactly. Don't look at their feed and try to get that, you'll stress yourself out! Focus on recreating! You like that outfit? How can you make it your own? How can you add your favorite statement necklace? 

8. Make Sure Your Work Space Is Clean

If your desk is super cluttered and you can't find anything, your head will be just as messy! I always work better when my entire space is clean. Even if my bed isn't made I will worry about that haha! So just clean everything and keep up on it! It will make your head feel less jumbled! 

9. Change Your Routine

I love changing my daily routine as much as possible, go to the gym in the morning instead of after work, make a new breakfast, wake up earlier and write out your goals, do some yoga before bed, watch a different show before bed, etc... 

10. Don't Beat Yourself Up

Everyone struggles, and everyone goes through a rut sometimes! Don't get upset with yourself over things you can't control! Work through it in the best way for you and keep pushing. Don't ever give up! 

You have the power to change your life, don't stop until you have achieved everything you desire! Keep working hard and never quit. You CAN do this babes! 


- C