e.l.f Skin Care For Under $15

Happy Thursday lovelies! I'm super excited to be sharing my first skin care blog! I'm doing a skin care journey post later but I'll give you a little background. I have always struggled with skin care, and recently I found a line that I absolutely love (post coming soon). This skin care line has helped so much that I can actually use other face masks and my skin doesn't breakout! So, I decided to give the e.l.f Skin Care line a try! What's awesome is all of these products are under $15! 


This is the first product I wanted to talk about tonight. This illuminating eye cream helps hydrate and minimize the appearance of dark circles and puffiness under your eyes. Let me tell you ladies, I've been planning a wedding for a solid 11 days and this has seriously helped the morning after a late night! 

Infused with Purified Water and Vitamin E. 

Gentle Peeling Exfoliant

This exfoliating cleaner peels away dead skin and dirt for a healthy glow! You can use this 2-3 times a week, but I have super sensitive skin so I try to only use it once a week! It's crazy how soft my skin feels after ! 

Infused with Purified Water and Licorice, Papaya and Tangerine extracts. 

Hydrating Bubble Mask

I'm not gonna lie, when I grabbed this from target I was super curious about a "bubble mask". Let me tell you about 5 seconds after you apply the mask it seriously starts to bubble!! It's the craziest thing I've ever experienced!! The bubbles actually help remove dirt from your pores! It's super crazy how these bubbles make your skin feel healthy. I use this mask about every other week! 

Mask Tool

This super cool brush is used to apply your masks/care products to your face without using your hands! I know it sounds silly, but sometimes I just wanna apply my mask without using my hands! It provides mess free application and you don't worry about transporting oil from your hands to your face! 

Under Eye Masks

These eye patches are seriously popular right now! They help awaken the under eye area for a nice hydrated feel! After just 10 minutes my skin looks so healthy and feels so smooth! I can see why they are popular right now, I love using them! 

Enriched with Purified Water, Seaweed Extract, and Licorice. 

Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these products or what your favorite skin care line is ! 


- C