Becoming A Nail Tech At 17


As I turned off my desk light and hugged my last client goodbye, I couldn’t help but cry. I promised my mom I wouldn’t haha, because then it would make her cry. I had a rush of emotions hit me, like a friken truck. I literally grew up in the beauty industry. My beautiful mother who has been a nail tech for 30 years raised me in this industry. As a little girl I remember playing in the back room with my things while momma worked. I remember her picking me up from school and we had to go back to the salon for her to finish working. Then, she opened her own salon, and let me tell you. It was a crazy time, I can’t tell you how many walls I’ve painted, put holes in, ripped up carpet and redecorated. I’ve spent more time in the salon than at my house. This salon has so much of my blood, sweat and tears haha. I was just a high schooler just helping my mom answer phones, greet clients, check out clients and make laughs. Then I decided, I wanted to be a nail tech, just like my momma. 


A 17 year old, entering her senior semester of high school (I graduated early (; ) I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. So, we found me a small manicuring school and I started right away, at the same time as high school. Working still as a receptionist at the salon, doing countless hours of studying for finals in high school and for my tests on Sundays for nails. There were sooo many times ladies I wanted to die and quit haha. But I graduated high school in December of 2016 and manicuring in May of 2017. I did that. I had no idea what I was doing, but I loved it. My mom taught me everything I know. And then by 2018 I was teaching my mom haha! We have gone out of state to continue our education, I spend more time looking at nails than anything on my phone, watching countless videos, showing up early to practice. I always wanted to get better. I have literally grown up, in this salon. This salon will always be, my home. 


Today, I did my last set in this salon for a while. I plan to come home and visit and do some clients while I’m here. But it won’t be the same. I can’t help but 1. Brag on myself for how proud I am being a 17 year old deciding to be a nail tech and then at 19 having a full clientele and a career before I’m even 20. And 2. Brag on my mom. Who gave me everything I am. She is the reason I am where I am. And I will forever be grateful for her! Thank you to all my clients at The Pink Door for being loyal to me for 2 years, watching me grow, and encouraging me. Right now I don’t know what my plan is, I’m trying to adjust to the new life of being a navy wife, and I’m so grateful for my future husband allowing me to take my time and see what calls my name. 


Thank you to The Pink Door, for being my home. You will always have my heart and I will never forget the memories and life lessons I’ve learned here. It’s been real.