Navy Wife Update | Coffee Talk

The goal in marriage is not to think alike, but to think together.
— Robert C. Dodds

When I met Allison in October for our engagement shoot I just fell in love with her work. I knew I had to book her for a home shoot when we moved in. These are the moments we’ll remember forever. When we barely had furniture, tons of boxes, messes everywhere, and creating memories. We have also grown close to Allison and it’s safe to say she is now our loving friend. She is that person that if I can’t ask my mom, I’m calling her. Check out more of her work here:



I am the happiest little bee! It’s almost been a month being married and it’s feels like a big sleepover haha. So far everything seriously is going awesome. There’s been some other things going on in my personal life that have really weighed down on my heart, makes me super sad, irritated, stressed and just very emotional. At all hours, but this man right here has been patient, loving, and oh so sweet. Even when he shouldn’t be, he still remains calm and waits for me to come around. It has been the weirdest honeymoon phase haha.

On the happy side, I love being his wifey. I love cooking for him and taking care of our house. I love watching him play video games before we go to bed. I love everything about our life we are creating. I’m back to work starting Friday and it feels good to be getting back. Navy wife life isn’t that bad haha. I have a whole thing coming soon sharing our new routine together but it’s pretty normal right now. He is my absolute best friend and this is just the beginning.


When we walked into our home we had basically nothing. No furniture, no bed, no couch and no place to eat. We sat on our stairs and ate our take out from Panera on our first night. Then we upgraded to bar stools that are too short for our bar. But we make it work. Then we got our couch. Slowly but surely our little home is coming together, and we are so so blessed. We’ll always remember our little home in Goose Creek, South Carolina.

Learning to be one, is weird haha. We have to agree on what gas we put in the car, what laundry soap works for us, what meals we like, what candle smells we hate… the list goes on and on haha! Of course none of these are deal breakers, it’s just a new life. A new adjustment to figure out. Did you know I hate orange juice WITH pulp?! Or that Nick hates Clorox wet wipes? Haha yes, two random things we hate, but we had no idea until we went grocery shopping together for the first time. There’s so much you can learn about a person when grocery shopping.

We still don’t feel married. Like it’s official and my names changed and all that good stuff, but we still just feel like we’re dating haha. I guess our honeymoon phase from dating never went away. At our wedding people kept asking “does it feel different”, like nah fam haha. We both talked about how it’s the same as when it’s your birthday and you get asked the same question. No Karen, I don’t feel any older. But we are still so happy even if it doesn’t feel like it hit us yet haha. All of our married readers out there, tell us below if it feels different for you haha!


We are so thankful for all of you and supporting our marriage! We love creating memories in our new home and we love taking you along with us. If you girls have any coffee talk topics you wanna read more about let me know in the comments! I love hearing your ideas and suggestions. I hope you guys have a great week ahead of you and make it count. Don’t forget to like and subscribe before you leave!

with love,

~ CK