Office Tour

Happy Saturday my loves! Today I’m sharing the highly requested office tour with you! I am seriously in love with our office and how it looks! We still have more things to hang up like picture frames and such, but for now.. this is our office! I’m constantly looking for new ways to decorate, and I’m already thinking of the summer décor I wanna put in here haha! I hope you girls enjoy!

So when you first walk into our office you see the “beauty” spot haha! This side of the desk is where I do my makeup in the mornings and if Nick is up here on the desktop, I sit on that side and use my laptop or do whatever it is I’m working on.

The reason we wanted this L-Shaped desk is because we can both work in the same room and be spending time together. We never get tired of each other and just love hanging out haha!


I keep all of my makeup and most of my hair things in these drawers! The only things that wouldn’t fit in here are like my curling irons, all of my hot tools basically. So I just keep those in our master bathroom and either bring them in here to use when getting ready or just finish my hair in the bathroom. Just depends on my mood haha!

These decorations are from my wedding! They were actually on our head table, and this is my wedding bouquet! I have other plans for my wedding bouquet but for now it’s just gonna hang out there! I love that I took a few wedding decorations to our home, they make me so happy remembering the day!


Do you use essential oils? I love using them in our home! Currently using lavender! Lavender essential oils are used to eliminate nervous tension, relieve pain, enhance blood circulation and treat respiratory problems!


Chairs - Pier 1

Drawer cart - Michaels

Oil diffuser - Kohls

Makeup mirror - Kohls


The “his” side of the desk, is just the desktop side haha! I honestly use this entire office more than him, that’s why he agreed I could get the pretty office haha! I use the desktop when I have a LOT of blogs to write, emails to answer and galleries to edit. It’s just easier to stare at a bigger screen than my laptop.

Nicholas built this desktop himself. I think he’s pretty badass. When we get into our forever home, is when he is building my very own desktop. We’re already looking at ideas!

Nick gave me this map for Christmas as a gift, it’s the perfect piece above our desk! Our chairs are technically dining chairs, but we got them on clearance and we love them. So we don’t care haha!


This cube organizer basically holds all the pretty things in the empty holes and all the ugly stuff in the boxes haha! Sticky notes, scissors, markers, extra stuff..


This drawer organizer holds some of my nail stuff! I have more in the closet but this on holds like the essentials! I love these rolling carts, they hold so much and are super affordable!


Cube organizer - Target

Cube bins - Target

Letter board - Target


I love my clothing rack, especially with all the fun spring colors I plan to wear! Right now I just have all my new clothes I got from Forever21 and Apricot Lane this week! I have some exciting things planned so stay tuned!


This little white table is used mostly for when I’m doing my nails, when I’m not doing my nails I just have some more décor on top! This old vintage clock is from our wedding as well! I think it’s so damn cute, and I can’t wait to bring it to every home with us. Never bash on thrift shopping, you’ll find some good things!


Clothing rack - Target

Mirror - Target

White rug - Target

Side table - Ikea

There ya have it ladies, our office tour! It’s simple, easy and cute. Possibly my favorite room in the house at the moment, besides our kitchen! I love our kitchen so much haha. Future blog post? I hope you girls have an amazing weekend, don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe before you go!

with love,

Catherine Marie