10 Ways To Get Motivated

Happy Tuesday! I’ve been in such a funk recently- not getting up as early, cranky, not eating well, napping and not being myself. When my husband noticed - then it got serious. I don’t like being that way but sometimes it happens. Life happens, we can’t always be the full energetic humans with amazing attitudes. Sometimes you have bad days, weeks even and THAT’S OKAY. It is OKAY to have a bad day and lose some motivation. It happens to EVERYONE. So, after my recent funk I decided to list all the things that helped me get back my motivation and boost my mood! So, I hope you girls enjoy and let me know in the comments what you do to boost your mood!

  1. Wake up early

I usually am awake by 6:30 when my husband gets up for work. I have been going back to sleep after he leaves, so instead I just get up and start the day. 


“Really Caytie - you’re one of those people” yes. I am. Eat a well balanced breakfast and you WILL have energy for your day. If you don’t have energy after eating your breakfast, you didn’t eat a good one.

3. Clean 

Cleaning sucks. I however find it therapeutic, and enjoy it. Often times when I know I need motivation I will look up youtubers cleaning their houses haha. I know it’s weird - but when I see others it sparks my motivation!

4. More water

I suck at drinking water. I’m not even going to pretend like it’s part of my daily routine, however when I actually do drink enough water - I feel amazing throughout the day and even at night. I sleep better! 


Which brings me to my next topic - make sure you’re sleeping the appropriate hours. Get too much sleep and you feel like crap, don’t get enough and you’re exhausted. Find the sweet spot! I usually go to sleep around 9:30 to wake up by 6:30.

6. Essential Oils

My favorite mood boosting essential oil blend is Lemon + Orange. 

Studies suggest they reduce anxiety while boosting your mood.

7. Get off your phone

Even if you’re a blogger like me and your phone has your work on it. Take an hour to just be by yourself. Read a book, go outside, relax! I try and go outside every morning around 9 and just catch up on reading. It’s a refreshing start to my morning.

8. Grab your best friend and go to lunch

It’s so important to have your girls by you. Build your tribe with those who support you, love on you, celebrate you and praise you. So go to lunch and just be with your friend. Tell her your problems, tell her what’s on your mind, and be there for her as well.

9. Meal Prep

If you don’t have time for a full meal prep at the beginning of the week just have a meal plan. Planning our meals on Sunday gives me no reason to order food or want to go out. When we have al the ingredients we need from the recent grocery trip.

10. Exercise 

If you don’t wanna go for a run at least do some stretching. Do 15 minutes of stretching after your wake up or before you go to bed. I promise- it will help.

Alright loves, I hope my tips and tricks help you like they help me. I’m always one DM away on Instagram if you need help or motivation. We are all here for each other. Also - check out my outfit linked below, my favorite T-SHIRT dress is on sale for under $15! It’s so comfy and I love the color! 


With love,

~ Catherine Marie