Amazon Fashion Favorites

Happy Saturday babes. Today is cleaning day at our house and it feels so good. I’m super weird and love cleaning. Got laundry going, dishes being clean, floors clean, windows open.. it’s just a good spring day here in Charleston and I couldn’t be more content!

I had so much fun making this blog post, I had so many things on Amazon that I’ve been looking at for a while so I decided to make it into a post! Spring is definitely a hard season I will say. I love all the flowers blooming and the warmer weather, but some days it’s cloudy and rainy! You wake up and it’s 56 degrees outside and then by 1:00 you’re sweating and gross. What I love about everything I’m showing you, is it can be super versatile! Wear in the morning with a jacket or cardigan, then by the afternoon you can just remove the jacket and go about your day! It’s a win!

All items will be linked below! Happy shopping and I hope you all have a great weekend!

with love,

~ CK

amazon fashion.jpg