Styling An Overall Dress

Happy Monday my loves! Today this blog is brought to you by 6 cups of coffee and 2 bowls of cereal. Yes mom, I’m taking care of myself. Anyways, I am styling one of my favorite pieces for you today! This overall dress is one of my favorites and I just love how versatile it is. I’m sharing my 3 go-to looks with you! I think my favorite part is all of these are just basics in my closet. There’s nothing fancy, and it’s nothing you can’t recreate yourself. 



This look is super cozy and perfect for this rainy spring weather we got. You girls know I love me a cozy look, if I’m gonna leave the house I wanna be comfy!  



I would definitely wear this to a hockey game. We are big hockey fans in our house so this one, is maybe a favorite. Idk they are all my favorites. But anyways, this is actually one of my husbands practice hockey jersey from when he played! It was super fun to use my husbands jersey to style this look, it’s definitely not one that you’d see everyday but I think it’s super cute! 



Okay maybe this one is my favorite haha. I will definitely be wearing this in the fall as well! This is such a cute outfit! What sets the girly vibe is the hat, I love this hat and the style it makes! I love how comfy this looks it, it might be a little too warm to wear on some days here in Charleston with this humidity, but on some chilly days it would be perfect! 

Well, there ya have it loves. My 3 go-to styles with my black overall dress! Let me know in the comments which was your favorite. Hubby and I are about to watch one of our favorite movies.. Shark Tales ! We love this movie haha! I hope you all have a great week ahead of you!  

With love, 

~ CK