DIY Memorial Day Decor

Happy Tuesday!! Memorial Day is coming up and I have the perfect DIY for you! But let’s just chat real quick and not lose sight of this weekend. Memorial Day is the day to honor and remember those who died while serving our country. While everyone loves a reason to have a 3 day weekend and the pools opening up for summer, let’s not forget the real reason why WE get to enjoy these 3 day weekends and honor those who allow us to live in peace while they protect and serve for this country we all call home. 

Let’s dive right into the DIY! I love adding a little bit of America to our home. Being a military wife and all haha - I’d say that it’s a pretty big part of our marriage haha! 

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Flowers

  2. Wire cutter

  3. Ruler

  4. Vase or container for your flowers

  5. Hot glue gun

  6. 13 inches of burlap ribbon

First things first, cut everything. I purchased a bushel of flowers - so I cut them off of their big shared stem. Then cut your ribbon - if you use the vase I used I cut 13 inches. Just enough to wrap the ribbon around. 


Start glueing! Glue your ribbon around and make sure it’s in place. Make sure where the ribbon meets together is in the back! 

Arrange your flowers how you like them - before glueing! That will make sure you like the arrangement. Glue your outer flowers - I glued them to the vase to make sure they would not move! And then glue your center flower stem to the other flower stems.  


This craft is super easy! You just make it how you want it! I love how it turned out! Yes, I made two! I made my floral arrangements different and it’s just so cute! I hope you girls enjoyed this DIY! 

If you go out this weekend stay safe! Let me know in the comments what your plans are!  


with love,

~ Catherine Marie