Hubby + Wifey Q+A

I’ve gotten so many messages about our marriage and our new life! So I decided to just put them all together in a blog! We will be married 2 months on Friday, and it’s been a lot of fun! Married life is a big sleepover haha!

Photographer: Allie Dearie | Dress: Lulus | Bouquet: Paper Swallow Events

Photographer: Allie Dearie | Dress: Lulus | Bouquet: Paper Swallow Events

Q: After Nick is done with school, where do you hope to get stationed?

A: To be honest we want to go to Japan! How friken fun would that be?! We would have happy anywhere but that’s our pick!

Q: Are you afraid of being lonely being apart from friends and family?

A: I’m not afraid! He is my home, and I’m happy to be where he is. I miss my family and friends a lot, however phone calls and Facebook make things pretty easy. Everyone has to put in effort, so if people cry about never seeing us but have never visited… Everyone on both sides must commit.

Q: Have you guys had a fight yet?

A: The only thing we have “argued” about is when someone takes too much of the covers during the night. AKA me.. Haha! And it’s not even a real fight haha, I just get cold at night and steal them from him. BUT he also takes over my side of the bed. So it’s fair right?!


Q: Do you live on base or off base?

A: We live on base! His parents both were military and didn’t like on base housing, but we wanted to see for ourselves! We love it. You’re surrounded by people who know exactly what you’re going through and you have military cops roaming the neighborhood every day, so it feels pretty safe!

Q: Any advice for deployment? My boyfriend will be going on his first sub deployment this summer.

A: We haven’t gone through a deployment yet. However, all I can say is keep yourself busy! Find new hobbies and just keep your mind off of it. Remember that the busier you are, the faster time will pass!


Q: Will Nick be on a sub or a carrier?

A: He wants to be on a carrier! Since he’s still in power school we don’t know what they will need him on.

Q: How often will your hubby be apart from you?

A: Depends on if he is sub or carrier! If he gets carrier like he wants, then the longest he would be away is 12 months I believe. There’s so many benefits to carrier and sub. Plus so many flaws, you just have to know what’s best for you and your marriage! You really have no idea how often you will be apart.

Q: How often do you guys eat out?

A: We only allow ourselves to eat out once a week. We think I’m a pretty great cook, so there’s no need to eat out! You save so much money by meal prepping and sticking to it! I love cooking, and I love homemade meals, so it’s not that hard to eat at home!


Q: Are you working?

A: I am! I am a certified pet sitter for Rover! So I board dogs at my home, pet sit, walk dogs, all the fun dog things! I am also a photographer which is so much fun! I’m getting lots of bookings out here and I am just blessed!

Q: What’s your favorite room in your house?

A: Definitely the kitchen! It’s the only finished room in the house so far so it’s my favorite to just hang out in! I love our bedroom now that we have a bed and proper mattress! But that’s about all we have haha!

Q: Where do you grocery shop?

A: The commissary and the Walmart neighborhood market! I love both but the neighborhood market has a better selection of things. Random things too. The commissary doesn’t sell the rice we like haha. But Walmart doesn’t have the coffee creamer I like. Sooo it just depends haha!

Q: Do you regret anything about your wedding?

A: The only thing we regret is that we didn’t dance longer haha! We were crazy on the dance floor. And not to toot my own horn but I was the LAST one on the dance floor at the wedding. On a serious note, it does suck that you miss out on a lot. We got our proof gallery and I saw so many faces in the gallery that I didn’t get to see, I’m assuming they had to leave early but I was so sad! I didn’t get to see/enjoy half the things, the brides miss out on a lot. But that’s why I’m thankful to have paid a photographer to be my eyes on things I couldn’t see.


Q: Do you want babies?

A: At this time, no. Doesn’t mean we never do, but ya girl is 19. I can’t even imagine being a mom right now. Nick is focusing so much on school. We just, don’t have time! Plus I’m selfish and like my sleep.

Q: What has been your favorite moment in your house?

A: I love how many memories we can make in one space. We dance in our kitchen, make fun of kids outside our backyard, and have so many inside jokes. We have only been here for 2 months, and I can’t wait to see where it takes us.

Alright my loves, that’s all for today! I love doing these and allowing you to get to know us! I also hope you enjoyed all these old photos and trips down memory lane! Getting married to your best friend is a dream come true, it’s the best feeling in the world.

with love,

~ Catherine Marie